Nehru family image downgraded by Sonia and her family


          Congress gave Rajya Sabha tickets to famous advocates like Abhishek singhvi, Kapil Sibal, P Chidamabaram keeping an eye on pending cases against Gandhi family members. Actually, there were several Congress leaders who deserve the Rajya Sabha seats. But, all of them were side tracked and made advocates priority. The criteria adopted by Gandhi family is not the service to the party but how much their service will be useful  to argue their own cases in Courts. Political pundits wondered how party degenerated to the present level.

       Congress, the grand old party ,claims legacy of galaxy of leaders and achieving Independence. Though personality cult prevailed in the party and Nehru family dynasty ruled the country such a long time, it still holds the feeling among people that they contributed a lot and sacrificed their lives for the country. This was past. The leadership of Sonia Gandhi changed this narrative. Exploiting the legacy of Nehru dynasty, Sonia Gandhi made the party pocket borrow of her. Though her knowledge on indian society and its culture is limited, her  grip on party very long time made the party of sycophants, vested interested persons and sons of earlier rulers. Mass base has gradually eroded. Credibility is at stake. First time, there was a serious allegation that family grabbed Rs1000 crore property of National Herald by dubious means. Though there were allegations earlier about commission in Bofors arms deal, it was first time that allegations came about grabbing their own party's property.  Whether it was Bofors or Augusta Westland, all are leading to Italian connection. So, the mega outlook on Nehru family in the past is now replaced by 'any other normal person' image on present heirs. In this background, the selection of Rajya Sabha candidates comes into picture.

     In normal course, when number of Rajya Sabha members are large in number, inclusion of non-serious persons does not attract any criticism. But now Congress party number is dwindling year by year and at this juncture, selection of single candidate attrats close scrutiny. Ultimately, now people are thinking that protection of 'family' interest is primary than furthering the party interest. Alas, what a pity to Grand old party.  

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